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mearscore's Journal

Fans of Mears
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Everybody loves Mears, right!?!? Well I know what you've all been thinking, "Where can I find a community to post pictures of Mears, storys about Mears, love poetry about Mears, storys about stalking Mears, erotic fiction about Mears, etc.?" Well finally somebody has created that community comrades!!! Enjoy mon amies!
beating up emo bastards, beig an emo bastard, being excessively vulgar, burning striped hats, cheese fries, chode, comics, ddr, duct tape shoes, final fantasy, green day, jones soda, masturbating, mears, rancid, ryon, screaming in steve's car, skateboarding, spider-man, steve, striped hats, the wannabes, video games, weezer